Retrieves a list of Jobs. The maximum of retrieved jobs is 500.

Query Filters

Via query string the following filter criterias can be used. If no criterias are specified, per default isComplete=True will be used, meaning per default only jobs in their last status are returned.

Name Type Usage
isCompleted bool Returns only jobs, that are in their last status (either done or cancelled)
e.g. ?isCompleted=false
fieldName string Returns jobs only containing the parameters with the specified name.
e.g. ?fieldName=F1
userEmail string Return only jobs, which are assigned to a specific user. The user is identified via email address.
e.g. ?
plannedDate Date Only return jobs which are planned on the given date. Format YYYY-MM-DD
e.g. ?plannedDate=2018-01-19
statusName string Only return jobs with the given status.
e.g. ?statusName=Done
jobTemplateTitle string
Only return jobs of the given template.
e.g. ?jobTemplateName=Order


Gets a single Job with the given key

See Example 1


Creates a new Job. There are 2 cases:

1. Creating a new Job, for which a Job template does not exists. The full Job object must be provided and from this a Job template will be created fist.

2. Creating a new Job, for which a Job template exists.

Returns, a ResultObject for each processed job.

See Example 1


Updates a Job. The field "Key" is mandatory to identify the job to be updated.

See Example 1


Deletes a Job.

Returns, a ResultObject.

See Example 1